I’m old enough to remember when death had the final word.

Last week, a motion by Paul Ainslie (Scarborough-Guildwood) to rename the Centennial Park stadium in Etobicoke after the late Rob Ford received public support from Toronto mayor Olivia Chow, and every soother-sucking Torontonian, plus a few elected officials, had a collective shit fit.

Just a reminder, Rob Ford is still dead.

But Ford remains the favourite punching bag for those who still can’t get over his days in office. His legacy, albeit checkered at best, is just too much for many locals who can’t seem to contain their anger at an addict who experienced one of the most public examples of self-destruction ever.

Update: Rob Ford…still dead.

It always makes me scratch my head whenever I see self-proclaimed progressives trash a dead drug addict as if they are making some sort of important point about legacy, or ethics, or competence. Most of these progressives probably view addiction as a disease, unless the person with said disease is a politician they disagree with.

BREAKING NEWS: Rob Ford…dead.

Some people like to forget that Rob Ford, for all his foibles, all his controversies, was a popular public figure, especially in Etobicoke. It bothers them to their core that he might have a building, one that most of these crybabies have never even heard of, named after him. That Olivia Chow would betray so many voters is unforgiveable, especially when most of them voted for her and thus betrayed the unwritten rule; whenever Rob Ford’s name is mentioned, you must snicker, call him a crackhead, and continue throwing shade all over his corpse.

This just in, Rob Ford…not alive.

The motion to put Ford’s name on the football stadium will be voted on this week, and already they could use councilor Josh Matlow’s tears to water the field.

“I can think of many people, all of whom who haven’t been dishonest, misogynist, homophobic or caught smoking crack with gang members and disgraced our city, who would be more deserving,” Matlow said.

I know how much Matlow loves recycling, but to recycle a dead man’s worst moments and pretend that they are still relevant so many years later is the sign of a public servant completely out of good ideas. Not only is it meaningless at the end of the day, it is also a cheap way to get said soother-suckers activated, and for all the wrong reasons.

Lastly, dead people can’t reply to unhinged, hysterical crybabies. Just an FYI.