Mike Terrigno, the Calgary-based restaurant owner who admitted in an email that he urinated on items belonging to fixer-turned-whistleblower David Wallace, sent this writer another email last night to inform me that he was suing David Wallace for defamation. He did not provide details as to why he was suing, but he did add one of the most delicious caveats of all-time.

Terrigno told me that he was hiring convoy lawyer, and Just For Men Fan Club president, Brendan Miller, to represent him.

Miller, who has spent the past week fearlessly exploiting his lack of lawyerly chops on national television, is the obvious choice as no other lawyer worth their saltiness would ever even dream of helping a client who has already admitted to urinating on Wallace’s property, including toys that belong to Wallace’s children. Wallace also claims his still-born child’s ashes were among the property taken from his home.

Miller, who was served with a defamation notice himself from Enterprise Canada after Miller accused Enterprise partner Brian Fox of carrying a Nazi flag in an attempt to create a false flag moment to discredit protestors.

“It doesn’t mean anything,” Miller said about the defamation notice. Although he may have also been referring to his law degree.

I asked Terrigno if he was worried he might be defaming himself, given he is in the food service industry and has admitted to peeing on kids toys, but he replied, “I am confident the public knowing the abuse that my immigrant family has suffered at the hands of Wallace will bring further sympathy to our family.”

Terrigno also added that he sues people “for sport.”

Blackballed will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.