New York Attorney General Leticia James’ quarter-billion dollar lawsuit against the Trump Organization came with the following caveat; every member of the Trump family was given a court-ordered financial monitor. The purpose of the financial monitor was to make sure nobody tried to move cash and/or assets. Donald Trump and his kids must give 30 days advance notice if they want to shift any assets, making it more difficult for the Trumps to outrun the lawsuit.

From The Daily Beast: AG Letitia James’ three-year investigation exposed how the family-run company routinely inflated the value of the properties it owns to snag better bank loans or maximize tax-write offs for donated land. She filed a lawsuit in September against the company’s various entities, some of its top brass, former President Donald Trump, and the offspring he made executives there: Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric.

Despite Ivanka Trump’s strong, last-minute plea to escape scrutiny, Engoron was unmoved. The final order does not give her preferential treatment or even name her, meaning she too must abide by the rules.

Ivanka was, notably, the only defendant in the lawsuit who tried to negotiate for a better deal on her own, according to the source who spoke to The Daily Beast.

The Trump Organization is currently on appeal trying to fight off Engoron’s appointment of a monitor, who has special powers to keep the firm in check. As a former federal judge, Jones has taken on special assignments in high-profile cases in need of an independent arbiter. In this case, she is specifically tasked with ensuring the Trump Organization no longer files fake documents to banks and insurance companies. However, she is not allowed to oversee “normal, day-to-day business operations,” according to Engoron’s order last week.

Ivanka is either the family-appointed asset hider, or she is attempting to remove herself from the shadow of the lawsuit, possibly at the behest of her man-child husband, Jared Kushner, whose finances during the Trump administration ballooned significantly.