We all have a preference for where we find our news.

Today, most news outlets operate more like entertainment companies, inundating a specific target demographic with slanted coverage, spoiling their willingness to discuss hard issues, or even have their minds changed once in a while.

Sometimes they are right about a specific issue, but often they are not. This is true for both sides of the political divide as outlets choose to sell content designed to appeal to a person’s politics rather than their sense of rationalism.

The audience’s ability to separate facts from the theoretical is basically non-existent.

I’ve been guilty of trying to squeeze the angle that I felt the audience would cling to, but those things usually collapse under the weight of its own short-sightedness.

It turns out you might succeed in being a news distribution company, but if you have to rely on watered down, biased coverage is it really in the public’s interest to keep consuming your end product?

And should it be a product in the first place? Is news a commodity? A widget?

No. The news is not a product. It’s a recitation of facts, evidence, and background.

Most people just want to know what the truth is, and how it will impact them or people they care about. Many of us are extremely uncomfortable with tribalism, and yet we can all see it getting worse as time goes by.

People who scream at each other online are a small percentage of loud, obstinate, arrogant ideologues.

And they shouldn’t be speaking for moderates like you.

The middle ground between the hard left and hard right is about 80% of us. That’s the new silent majority. It’s also where most people tune out the news.

Since we will be embarking on a path where we place the media itself in our crosshairs, we expect to attract readers from across the spectrum as we offer up various opinions in between, or solid reporting on important issues that help readers sift through the partisan noise.

Welcome, to the real news. Welcome to Blackball Media.

We’re glad you can join us.

– James Di Fiore