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Cancelling Don Cherry

If you read that statement, you might walk away thinking some overt racist was speaking ill of immigrants who have worked hard making Canada their new home. Or, you might think an old man was interrupting one incoherent thought with another.

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I wrote about Dittmar the other day, a few days after he passed away, and I have a couple of regrets. Not because a few people felt I was being disrespectful, but because I took some time to reflect and realized I only told half his story. For real though, it would take like 100 articles to tell Dittmar’s full story.

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We never found out if it was an accident, or if Eric was trying to kill himself. A few days ago, Eric died from an overdose. We do not know if it was intentional.

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What happened to feminism?

The truth is, anyone can make up words and use them to brand people we are pissed off at. It isn’t difficult. But the reason why silly, made up words can be freely used by radical feminists, while men must always abide by some invisible rule book when they dare to speak, is the Oppressed VS Oppressor trope, which gives license for hypocrisy based on perceived hierarchical status.

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